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  • What a great example of Experiential Innovation… for those of you that don’t read Russian., this is a machine for Metro tickets that requires 30 squats instead of payment for the ticket. Fantastic example of getting customers involved and engaged in an activity !!

    • I’ve been stagnant on Senteo for a little while now, but I’m glad I went ahead and took a peek at the Community. I remember reading about this on a Yahoo article a day or two ago and thought it was fantastic! Maybe we need that here in the US with the lack of exercise that Americans get. Definitely would be a nice break from the daily grind of the…[Read more]

    • Now this I have to try one day! Very cool find Michael 🙂 I don’t know how I missed this while digging through the Community. Must be these old eyes, they never were very reliable but now I’m overlooking things like this? Tragic! But this really is a great idea. Get active and get to where you’re going? I like it!

    • Give me a machine for pushups or a weight bench and I’m sold!

  • ThumbnailOver the past decade, few banks have seen the rewards promised despite significant investments in CRM systems. A 2009 study by Forrester Research indicated that 47% of CRM project implementations in the U.S. fail […]

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  • Okay, here’s another one. I was just on a business trip to Russia, and at my first ATM stop, I found that my ATM card was blocked. I checked online, and I noticed that there were about 3000 USD worth of transactions on the card from ATMs in Mexico. I called the bank, and they informed me that they had blocked the card and would send me a…[Read more]

    • Well, that was not a picture that I wanted to imagine. I think I can even taste the sliminess of that worm wriggling around in there 🙁 Yuck! But back to what I’m really trying to say. That’s just terrible that the bank can’t have everyone follow through and make things perfect from start to finish. Like you’d have someone to confirm the issue,…[Read more]

    • James replied 6 years ago

      Sounds like you had quite the trip there. From Virgin to ATMs you’ve gotten a crazy experience. I’m still amazed they managed to get 3 grand out of your card before you realized it happened. Crazy that they were able to get your card info without having your card. That’s Mexico for you though. Too bad that the service wasn’t top notch from top to…[Read more]

    • The response to your predicament, in my opinion, exceeds what we would typically expect from a banking entity, yet fails to achieve the standards set by other businesses – say, a retail company like Zappos which goes above and beyond their scope of support to assist the customer. There is a lack of consistency with their customer service…[Read more]

    • Dean replied 6 years ago

      So what exactly is the line between good and bad service for you? Does one person make or break the entire experience, or is there some give there? I mean, no tolerance seems like it’s tough to keep up when people are bound to make mistakes. What makes this situation so bad in the grand scheme of things?

      • I see that your questions have not been answered yet, so I will try to answer the questions with an unbiased opinion and probably how most people would respond to this situation. Hopefully Michael will be able to respond later on as well. The line between good and bad is wholly based on opinion, so I cannot speculate on what that line would be for…[Read more]

    • From my experience as a customer service and technical support representative for Apple, I would say that the customer service field as a whole is flawed in the sense that much of the experience is dictated by the representative handling the case. Personality, mood, and time of day play an overwhelming role in how a customer is treated; the…[Read more]

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  • So I usually praise Virgin companies for having such a great culture amongst their team members, but the other day I was on a Virgin America flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, and I had a first hand encounter with a flaw in their corporate culture.

    Virgin prides itself on the culture of their people and the image of the brand in all of their…[Read more]

    • While I cannot really say that I have a very strong opinion on airlines (I am not exactly a frequent flyer, nor have I flown with Virgin Airlines) I would agree that from my understanding Virgin tries to promote its image as one of class and sophistication. A flight attendant, or any employee for that matter, should hold themselves in a position…[Read more]

    • Michael, while I would usually give an employee the benefit of the doubt and attribute this shortcoming to a lack of experience, the issue in this case stems from the personality of the individual. If she had understood her position and the respect she garners, then she would not have conducted herself in such a sloppy manner. This is not to say…[Read more]

    • So what is Virgin trying to show themselves as anyways? I can’t tell if they’re supposed to be that budget airline that has really cheap airfare or are they trying to be that trendy, high class sort of deal? Someone posted a video a while back in the experiential branding group and I couldn’t tell if this was supposed to be a fancy sort of airline…[Read more]

      • Aaron replied 6 years ago

        What they’re trying to do is to show off and say they’re the fanciest airline out there with all the hottest new tech and employees. Still, they’re trying to be like Walmart and keep costs down. The peanut butter thing isn’t even an issue. Virgin is a fancy, low cost airline with regular people who shouldn’t be scrutinized.

    • So you’re telling me that you’re judging a flight stewardess, someone who is constantly on the run serving people and operating across a crazy work schedule, about eating peanut butter and texting? This is so trivial that it’s funny. Why would you care if she’s eating on the flight? She probably didn’t get time to eat before getting on the flight,…[Read more]

    • Great to hear from you, Michael! 🙂 What isn’t so great is that flight you had to have on Virgin Airlines. 🙁 Really, how can she do all of that knowing that she’s on the clock and supposed to be a good example for fliers? Some people just need to brush up on your teachings and pick up on the fact that they need to engage the customers and make…[Read more]

    • James replied 6 years ago

      Now Virgin is one of those carriers that I love flying. Nothing beats wifi when you’re on a flight. I mean come on, who wants to sit through a long flight with nothing to do? Not this guy, that’s for sure. Even if the stewardess was texting and snacking during the flight it doesn’t seem all that bad. You can’t expect that sort of perfection all…[Read more]

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