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    I was doing some research on the topic of experiential innovation (one of my favorite topics in this community) and came by an article published by BusinessWeek almost three years ago (!). It’s called “It’s All About Experience”. Needless to say, I recommend it.

    A couple of interesting things said in that article:

    “Countless companies are elbowing their way to the top with designs that are also “feature-rich” or “patent pending.” Innovation in product design has lost its meaning and, therefore, its value.

    There is still one frontier that remains wide open: experience innovation. This is the only type of business innovation that is not imitable, nor can it be commoditized, because it is born from the specific needs and desires of your customers and is a unique expression of your company’s DNA. Yet the design of an experience is often overlooked in the rush to market.”

    “Choice-fatigued consumers are not looking for another product that hasn’t taken their true needs and desires into consideration. They are looking for companies in which to believe and give their allegiance.”

    This was 3 years ago, but it feels like it was written yesterday – it’s all very relevant to the present.