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    I feel that saying “customer oriented” or “customer-centric” has become almost synonymous to customer service. At least from the conversations with bankers and hearing people speak at conference. I guess, the meaning is interpreted differently than what Michael writes about in his Relationship-Centric Bank article. That’s why there’s still so much talk of CRM-driven applications, channel technologies and, at best, staff training.

    But it is still insufficient. Same old thing, in other words. Until you get down to specific activities that are structured toward achieving gains in a bank-customer relationship, none of that other stuff really hits home. It’s the question of how, not the what. I find it hard to believe that any banking professional would argue against the idea of fostering better customer relations. Most just don’t know how to make it stick in practice.

    • I think that customer relationship is very important, but it shouldn’t be separated from customer service. I doubt that it’s possible to build a good relationship without a good service. Most banks just stop at the service level I guess.

      • I follow in terms of customer relationship being tied with customer service, but I have a differing view of why banks have failed to move past the service level. It is not that they want to stop – yes, there are some banks that simply give up and decide it’s not worth the expense – but it is that we have not been able to give a clear idea of what we want. Banks survey us as customers and ask what we want from a bank, and I am sure most of us answer with the same sort of responses: fast, free service with all the perks imaginable. That isn’t really feasible, though. If banks asked us how to build a relationship with us, or how to improve the experience, I believe there would be a wider variety of responses. I know I would ask for my bank to speak with me one-on-one about what I plan to do with my money and how to better prep for my current lifestyle (as a college student, financial discretion is difficult). With this information, banks can really make an effort to improve the experience, and I believe after they start gathering this sort of information they will be able to begin improving the experience.

    • With all the talk, it makes me wonder if it can be made a part of the banking industry. From my experience it is like you said, most managers consider customer service to be the same as customer oriented. After decades of the same banking experience, I doubt that banks will be able to adopt a true customer centric focus for many more years. I do not believe that banks are willing to throw away a tried and true system to experiment with a new way of thinking.